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Welcome to our music gallery.

This page features students' recordings and performances produced in our recording studio.

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  1. Boyfriend

    by Ashlee Simpson

    Performed by the Year 9 Rock Band:
    Vox: Imogen Armstrong
    Piano: Magnus Green
    Guitar: Cameron Hazzard
    Bass: Joe Standley
    Drums: Charlie Bailey
    Coached and Produced by: Miss Truslove
    Recorded by: Hugo Topott
    Mastered by: Ryan Chow
    Track 01
  2. Viva La Vida

    by Coldplay

    Vox and Piano: Mr Ang
    Guitar: Ryan Chow
    Percussion: Tom Williams
    Sequencing and instrumentals: Ryan Chow
    Arranged and produced by Ryan Chow
    Track 02
  3. 5 Years Time

    by Noah and the Whale

    Guitar, Bass and Whistling: Tom Williams,
    Vocals: Gabriel McCook.
    Arranged and Produced by Tom Williams.
    Track 03
  4. Mad World

    by Tears For Fears

    Arranged, Recorded and Produced by Gabriel McCook
    Track 04
  5. Letters

    by Ryan Chow

    Composed, Produced and Instrumentals by Ryan Chow
    Vox: Mr Ang
    Track 05
  6. Feelin’ Good

    by Nina Simone (cover by Muse)

    Performed by the Year 13 Rock Band:
    Vox: Ella Brolley
    Kbd: Ellie Nash
    Bass: Ryan Chow
    Guitar: Gabriel McCook
    Drums: Henry Dobson
    Coached by Mr Berry
    Recorded and Produced by: Ryan Chow
    Track 06
  7. Dani California

    by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Vox: Graham Blair
    Vox: Rose Owen
    Lead Guitar: Brian Connor
    Rhythm Guitar: Billy Bailey
    Bass: Izzy Rees
    Drums: James Hamilton
    Coached by Mr Berry
    Recorded and Mastered by: Ryan Chow
    Track 07
  8. Hallucinogenics

    by Billy Bailey & Graham Blair

    Composed, Produced and Performed by Billy Bailey & Graham Blair
    Track 08

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